My PhotoRamona Wadi is a freelance writer, book reviewer and blogger. Her writing deals with the Chilean struggle for memory against dictatorship oblivion, la nueva cancion Chilena, Palestine, Cuba with a particular focus upon Fidel Castro's writings, international relations and political philosophy. She has conducted interviews with activists, nueva cancion musicians and academics, including Patricio Manns, Vicente Feliu, and Prof Noam Chomsky.

Ramona is a regular contributor to Middle East Monitor. Her work has appeared in various publications, including Green Left Weekly, Irish Left Review, History Today, Toward Freedom, Upside Down World, Chileno, Truth Out, London Progressive Journal, Palestine Chronicle, Rabble, Alborada, Al Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Information, The Election Review and Quds Media.

Other work has been featured in academic publications, including Center for Latin American Studies (University of California, Berkeley), Holy Land Studies, LSE Review of Books and LSE Politics and Policy.

A number of articles and book reviews have also appeared in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese translation, some of which were featured in Latino America, Portal Vermelho and ISM-France.

For freelance commissions please send an email to walzerscent@gmail.com Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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