Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Scent of Nostalgia (15)

The anonymous artist bequeathed a sliver of memory to the realm beyond the fictitious island. It was a relic of poetry and music woven into the contemporary, overshadowing the plundering of humanity just across the purple sea. Decades ago, revolution was the solution of the exploited. An anniversary led to history inscribing itself into a trial. A song that stirred from the peasants' abodes triggered a murder that perforated the memory of the yellow land. Fighting against the confines of an alienated society, the anonymous artist mingles tears with the ancient definition of revolt, bludgeons the rules of diplomacy lacerating a fragment of a continent and turns to the solace of the historical guitar defining a testimony of the poet who embraced the thousands of anonymous hands mutilated in the stadium.

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