Saturday, July 30, 2011

Administering a Form of Justice (51)

Beyond the purple sea, shreds of flags portraying legitimacy and illegitimacy shroud crude boxes hosting remnants of death. The lacerated skies bear the burden of hosting murderers and their weapons, pausing at irregular intervals to console the sand dunes, bruised and stained with bodies and blood. International justice fabricates and multiplies the mystery of death, violates a colour spectrum of skin, and fails to differentiate between acts of terrorism by defining death under a warped mandate of protection. There is a necessity to combat the exploitation of the continent however, need is rendered a victim of its own ephemeral survival. Genocide combined with the hypocrisy of humanitarian aid rain down on populations whose existence is vilifed and nullified through exalting the tainted hues of white.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Scent of Nostalgia (15)

The anonymous artist bequeathed a sliver of memory to the realm beyond the fictitious island. It was a relic of poetry and music woven into the contemporary, overshadowing the plundering of humanity just across the purple sea. Decades ago, revolution was the solution of the exploited. An anniversary led to history inscribing itself into a trial. A song that stirred from the peasants' abodes triggered a murder that perforated the memory of the yellow land. Fighting against the confines of an alienated society, the anonymous artist mingles tears with the ancient definition of revolt, bludgeons the rules of diplomacy lacerating a fragment of a continent and turns to the solace of the historical guitar defining a testimony of the poet who embraced the thousands of anonymous hands mutilated in the stadium.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Administering a Form of Justice (50)

In its quest to avoid the tarnish of conspiracy, justice incorporates conspiracy within its own structure and authorises its legitimacy to haunt the invisible narrator. The unnecessary testimony is separated from the fictitious islands by the purple sea - the witness to shards of decomposing brown as sanctioned by the realm of foreign policy. The months in different continents merged to create a conglomeration of history steeped in a fabricated revolution, the trickle of oil, the concealed identity of cluster bombs, international and fabled courts; all subservient unto the fallacy of the universal declaration of human rights.

"A high level accusation, sustained by lies, and one which cannot be criticized once it has been consecrated by justice." Antonio Negri

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Administering a Form of Justice (49)

The marble halls of justice are epitomes of intimidation and national revenge. A conflation occurs between justice and revenge, with authorities christening this aberration a conquest for truth. A nation's immorality is represented by flawed declarations that shelter the oppressor's realm, treating conspiracy as an elevated expression of art. The invisible narrator's solitude is tarnished as justice renders patience an obsequious virtue - just as a fragment of a century ago the anonymous artist experienced the epitome of how education fostered a culture of rampant evil that fettered the revolutionary to wallow in a mediocre caricature of attainment.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Administering a Form of Justice (48)

Justice wallows in the remnants of its rhetoric. Shifting its stance between notorious resolutions aimed at aiding a travesty of revolution and the necessity of activating the rules of diplomacy, justice fails to ponder the bloodstained moon. Within the articulation perfected with bouts of intentional stammer, observers of a bloody season are regaled with the dynamics and consequences of irrational warfare punctured by the politics of discomfort. With the trickle of oil still a distant mirage, imperialism decided to shift the balance of power to introduce the discomfort of persuasion. The spring shifts to autumn and remains entrenched in a parody of seasons and allegiances, while the fictitious island continues to open its ports and flagellate its constitution.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Administering a Form of Justice (47)

The inviolable declaration of human rights resented a universal interpretation. It desecrated its terminology in favour of the tyrant and mellowed the outrage of wasted veins into the vocabulary of the helpless. The substitute for freedom was enslaved within its own necessity of survival, assuring its reign by advocating anomalies. Missiles were portrayed as special agents of serenity, blood was an inevitable shade of worthless red. On the yellow land, constitutions of neutrality were gently lacerated, allowing instruments of torture to display their insignificant worth to a population which had travelled in a realm reeking of worse prejudice than alienation.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Anonymous Artist (8)

Scraps of paper and tattered photographs cluttered the room. Beneath the pile of abhorred relics was the apparition of a signature in blue ink, engraved in tiny, careless calligraphy. The voice emanating from the scribbled name taunted the present with echoes of history. In the highest institutions of conformity, philosophy was moulded into degeneration - a relic divested of its own solitude. The anonymous artist edged towards the signature, intending to condemn it to a conflagration and rejoice in its demise, but a new assertion of power made her snatch her hand away, preferring instead to listen to its raucous resentment suffocating under its own definition of democracy.