Thursday, March 10, 2011

Administering a Form of Justice (41)

A fantasy woven out of the consequences of oppressive justice begins with once upon a time ... , and obliterates the assumption that narratives may be extracted from one of the many variations of reality. Justice abhors the scent of sepia and relegates memory to a parody of language. The scenes and characters performing in its theatre are directed by tyrants who uphold selective freedom. The characters follow the script of conspiracy and act within the perimeters which may be ravaged only on merit of prejudiced preference. Once upon a time on the fictitious island, there was an anonymous artist who spent days mixing primary colours into hues of green to illustrate a poem. The poem transformed into prose and the spectators deemed the anonymous artist a character from a fable. In the fable flourishing around her, society was a mass of listless eyes that failed to acknowledge the absence of the narrator in the story that separated her from the crowd. The separation in the story was due to the manacles that bound the protagonists to a fictitious island. The only certainty was the existence of a crowd as fictitious as the island itself. Shifting from poem to prose, the anonymous artist sought a manifesto that sanctioned relics from the monstrosity of hatred, modifying the concept of revenge to a philosophy that sustained memory from the corruption of justice, wedding it to the fallacy of hope.

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  1. This is a brilliant piece...very poignant and full of intensity.

    Keep on colouring the world with your hues.