Friday, December 17, 2010

Realities (6)

Malfunctioning democracies have perfected the art of relegating society into a passive multitude that scavenges within the confines of restricted memory. With the coercion of subscribing to political rhetoric that fluctuates between extravagant praise and contempt, the citizens relegated their knowledge of language to a perfunctory symbol of distorted communication. Instead of reviving metaphors to create the revolutionary reality, the cloistered society seeks solace in the propaganda that continues to demand their subservience. 

"The demagogues and professional politicians who manage to perform the miracle of being right about everything and of pleasing everyone are, necessarily, deceiving everyone about everything. The revolutionaries must proclaim their ideas courageously, define their principles and express their intentions so that no one is deceived, neither friend nor foe." Fidel Castro - History Will Absolve Me

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