Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Anonymous Artist (6)

The anonymous artist had forgotten the syllables that conjured her name. The companeros addressed her with the definition of wise protection. Within minutes she had earned the adornment of loyalty -  a title bestowed on her by the intellectual exile. This was the moment to eliminate the malignant shadows that traipsed around her from the distorted years spent at a mendacious institution. Language on the fictitious island stammered, bludgeoned with the unnatural burden of deception. The eloquent echo that seeped back to the anonymous artist was the extension of a triumphant revolution that did not wallow in suspicion, but asserted its unity with metaphors, as the fictitious island wallowed in a bloodbath that remained invisible to the masses that forfeited their freedom of thought.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Realities (6)

Malfunctioning democracies have perfected the art of relegating society into a passive multitude that scavenges within the confines of restricted memory. With the coercion of subscribing to political rhetoric that fluctuates between extravagant praise and contempt, the citizens relegated their knowledge of language to a perfunctory symbol of distorted communication. Instead of reviving metaphors to create the revolutionary reality, the cloistered society seeks solace in the propaganda that continues to demand their subservience. 

"The demagogues and professional politicians who manage to perform the miracle of being right about everything and of pleasing everyone are, necessarily, deceiving everyone about everything. The revolutionaries must proclaim their ideas courageously, define their principles and express their intentions so that no one is deceived, neither friend nor foe." Fidel Castro - History Will Absolve Me

Administering a Form of Justice (38)

Justice is raucous in proclaiming its conquests but retains a silence that smothers the brilliance of colours in its tenacity to detach itself from a parody of time. Time was forced to translate itself into a cluster of months characterised by deprivation and a manipulation of distance. It became incarcerated in its own identity, corrupted by a handful of puppets who were bestowed with the authority of restoring a semblance of dignity to society and committed to the obligation of allowing traitors access to a sheltered path that led to a vestige of 'fundamental rights'.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Administering a Form of Justice (37)

On the fictitious island, the malfunctioning halls of justice ensure that the identities of narrators who construct reality are perceived as part of the fable. Justice tries to portray time as a metaphor and judgments as the dignified signature of wisdom. Between the squares of the stained chessboard lies a parchment burdened with innovative ways of performing checkmate, translating the dimension of time as insignificant for the pieces writhing in invisible blood.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Anonymous Artist (5)

There was a hall in the alley, scented with fragments of music. The anonymous artist soothed the lacerations in her name with the compositions that glided towards her. The traitors who conspired against freedom stumbled in the darkness that swathed the alley, and with each hesitant step they took towards her, a piece of parchment swelled until it became her permanent shelter from the biographies that demanded and sought recognition. A paper mask, a music score moulded itself to her face, so the anonymous artist emerged with a protected dream and an immunity that transcended the rules of diplomacy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Anonymous Artist (4)

Within the history that remains undocumented, there was a hierarchy that promoted rights by proclaiming their power to incarcerate freedom. Papers laden with calligraphy disappeared - to diminish the identity of the anonymous artist. In the following months, the artist traipsed through stale corridors, searching for her shadow. By the time the remaining months became a relic of the past, her captors had eliminated her name from the registry that documented prestige. A perfunctory letter deemed her a deserter, composed to promote the remnants of her name as unworthy of pronunciation.

In the silent battle waged between conspiracy and the anonymous artist, the latter claimed a victory that sustained itself by the inspiration of memory and the manifestation of language.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Administering a Form of Justice (36)

It is the mundane definition of fiction that eliminates the role of the impartial narrator and crowns the fabrication of conspiracy as the medium that points to reality. An impostor seeks to tarnish a narration that asserts its freedom to reverberate. The words defy the redundant theme serving to alienate the senses that scavenge for justification. They embellish themselves on parchment, asserting their testimony and ignoring the decrees outlined by the malfunctioning form of justice in its obsession to assert itself as the authority of our morality.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Administering a Form of Justice (35)

The absence of a trickle of blood satisfies a population that has relinquished the power of thought. The travels undertaken by words through the years have enriched the capability of venting contemporary definitions to define a momentary cause. In a malfunctioning democracy, an injustice is veiled behind a cacophony of verbal utterances that serve to widen the ambivalence between the spectators and executioners, conveniently eliminating the necessity of an impartial narrator.