Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reflections from a Companera

The democracy we are throttled with is a censorship of the cry emanating from the people.

In present realms, a date of remembrance brings us closer to history, and a dream that binds us tenaciously unfolds to shroud us in its definition. The reality on the island of contradictory landscapes strengthens with the words from the embodiment of loyalty . The fictitious island remains seething in the oblivion it created for itself. If there was a philosophy of certainty, it would be the reality of the dreamer who sought beyond to change the reality of the fragmented population that capitalism strives to annihilate with its rhetoric of equality.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Administering a Form of Justice (29)

When rule and law become inseparable, there is no recourse for justice to fulfil its role. The combination of malfunctioning halls and minority governments masquerading as a majority create the illusion of rights to conceal the distance separating the government from the people. A bludgeoned term by both entities is the concept of freedom. democracy needs its followers to believe that freedom is accessible within its confines, and justice bestows this fundamental concept on those it deems worthy, regardless of blame, crime or innocence. In the wake of this disruption, democracy and justice act as the sentinels that prohibit thought as a necessity for the masses, regaling them instead with explanatory pamphlets and reassurances that the highest institutions are capable of attending to everything, as befits their patriotic duty.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Distance of Democracy

Democracy is a distant form of governance, beguiling people into believing that freedom belongs to all. The emblem of political justice shields a culture of silent violence. Behind each face lurks the unimportant anonymity of an individual, the biographies unpublished and destroyed to avoid discussion of whether democracy is compatible with freedom. Democracy is producing a culture of existence that disdains though and promotes the jargon that splits society into categories, rendering voices and language an aberration of their natural function.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Administering a Form of Justice (28)

Wherever justice lurks, there lies the murder of a voice. The incompetence of malfunctioning justice is beheld in the theory that advocates an imposed estrangement. With a penchant for appearing supreme and fair, justice feeds on calculated oppression to retain its prestige. On the fictitious island, justice conceals itself and applauds when its spectre looms over invisible narrators, congratulating itself on the fortune of reigning over a society that is all too willing to become an accomplice in conspiracy.