Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Realities (4)

Land remains a keepsake gathered in plastic containers for those on the other side of the barbed wire fences.
This aberration coerces people to meet as painted faces on a canvas, to weep for an unknown homeland and to strive in creating a memory out of fleeting seconds guarded by rifles. When each memory is spilled from burdened minds, the wrath will fade beneath the dignity of the oppressed, and justice will be portrayed as the shadow of violence that eradicated lives before they were inspired to dream.

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  1. This seems so true in so many parts of the world. All over the world there are fights over territory in one way or the other. Right now our family battles in a raging tug o war with Bank of America for our home. It's a different battle than waged in far off lands where I see blood spilt and people driven off by crazed violence, here in the states, it's more civilized and silent, but still painful. The dream is for peace, to live together as one, not each separate.