Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Fragment of Freedom

To embrace a fragment of freedom ...
a) eliminate the suffocation of educational institutions and the expectations of conformity
b) realise the horrendous result of democratic elections

Democracy is incompatible with natural freedom. Its treachery lies even deeper than that of dictatorship, as it entices people to relinquish their thought for others to manipulate. The tyranny of democracy does not recognise the majority of citizens who hastened to sign their triumph, nor is there any consideration for the minority. There is abhorrence for the revolutionaries who constantly strive to widen the distance between their minds and the farce of electing a miniature majority masquerading as a collective voice.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Realities (4)

Land remains a keepsake gathered in plastic containers for those on the other side of the barbed wire fences.
This aberration coerces people to meet as painted faces on a canvas, to weep for an unknown homeland and to strive in creating a memory out of fleeting seconds guarded by rifles. When each memory is spilled from burdened minds, the wrath will fade beneath the dignity of the oppressed, and justice will be portrayed as the shadow of violence that eradicated lives before they were inspired to dream.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Realities (3)

Our reality allows the illegal incarceration of a nation decaying behind concrete walls, and ravages any attempt to ease hardship by destroying vessels of aid. It is the disease of democracy that applauds the isolation of people who bear the sears of violence. Countries upholding democracy contribute to a displaced nation's despondence by refusing to actively oppose the appropriation of land, citing diplomacy as the reason instead of political gain. The apathy shown by political power is in perfect harmony with what is expected from the dictatorship of a dominant majority.