Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Distances (10)

In the distance separating the island of contradictory landscapes from the island of conformity, terminology arrived at the shores in a tangle of dissonant syllables, devoid of meaning. There was no rebellion within the population of the conforming, fictitious island, because transgression against words had convinced them there was no need for ideology, no need for philosophy. The submissive nation's importance was that of a collective existence that could be governed by the puppets of power with confidence, for there was no hope within a nation that wallowed in decadence.

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  1. These are the thoughtful words - worthy pondering deeper. I recognized our reality in your overview, yet found a little to enjoy at. Thus your post challenged me to question myself how I personally respond to life, and thus my blog Art by Tomas was awakened once again. Thank you.