Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Distances (10)

In the distance separating the island of contradictory landscapes from the island of conformity, terminology arrived at the shores in a tangle of dissonant syllables, devoid of meaning. There was no rebellion within the population of the conforming, fictitious island, because transgression against words had convinced them there was no need for ideology, no need for philosophy. The submissive nation's importance was that of a collective existence that could be governed by the puppets of power with confidence, for there was no hope within a nation that wallowed in decadence.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Metaphor

The absence of the river was of no importance, unlike the wound festering in the absence beside me.

In the years before the sky weighed heavily on my head, I used to peer at the river from the dilapidated terrace that stood as testimony to seasons and the people that fluttered through as rapidly as time. The river was a distant, solitary blue vein contaminated with green and little boats disrupted its tranquillity. I thought of it as water – the faces beneath sprawling hats called it their itinerary. It was as predictable as their lives. They never sought what lay beyond.

One day it faded, changing geography and culture with its disappearance. The villagers despaired, reluctant to explore a land without water. I could have told them there was water elsewhere – I had completed my voyages on water, and land was a necessary transition to the mind of a restless wanderer. Their faces shrivelled; their hands gnarled and stiff, until only their eyes remained, trickling tears to entice the river into existence once again.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tribute to Victor Jara - Venceremos!

Tribute to Victor Jara - Venceremos!
The lines fainted, their dilapidated strands
wove bandages for crushed hands,
that strummed strings in the wake
of imminent annihilation. The anthem
defended and defeated, braiding
definitions around treacherous throats

History bequeathed the stadium
with punctured lungs and slain guitars.
In the long, narrow land, a memory writes itself.

Dawn dissolved in dark mines and the victorious voice
banished melancholy below the butchered bodies
allowing the revolution its revival in the blossoms
of an anticipated historical future.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Administering a From of Justice (27)

Malfunctioning forms of justice in contemporary democracy rely heavily on association to build a reputation of severity. Beneath the facade of implementing punishment lies the reality of allowing innocence to be trampled upon by a society that forfeited its freedom to question judgement handed down by the authorities. Society is oblivious to the manipulation of rules that guarantee safety in its rush to applaud every conquest languishing behind iron bars. There is even less knowledge about the transgression that roams free and sanctioned by the marble halls.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Diary of a Companera - Beyond the Epilogue (3)

The island of contradictory landscapes bore the embellishment of a culture that refused to succumb to capitalist power. I beheld a nation that indulged in thought and caressed books with the fervour of learned philosophers. The revolution was impenetrable - a resilient yesterday that flaunted itself in the history of forthcoming days. As the embodiment of loyalty had declared, patriotism shunned the shackles of confinement to a single land and roamed through borders to create a perspective of unity beyond forged incarceration.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Politics of Power (4)

The island of conformity avoids discussion of revolution. There is no greater discomfort than to challenge a bipolar society into thinking beyond the current realm. The spectrums had long since distorted themselves and the society that failed to think kept indulging in the favourite pastime of promoting partisan ideas, betraying their freedom to advance beyond the blemished propaganda.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Distances (9)

The distance fabricated and maintained by justice diminished slightly. Beyond the island of conformity, a sliver of nostalgia executed the testimony of an exile. To fight against the fictitious island of conformity was a necessity that rendered alive the definition of triumph. Yet, the island remained a willing accomplice in ignorance and justice perversion, citing a declaration that derided the helplessness of beggars believing in human rights.

"In need, freedom is latent." THE GREEN BOOK Muammar al Qaddafi