Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Scent of Nostalgia (7)

The scent from the narrow land wafts towards the fictitious island. Nostalgia is stronger than memory and deeper than melancholy. It is the combination of history, the testimony of the revolutionary whose hands were bludgeoned with the intention to ridicule, death in a stadium and music exiled whilst refusing to succumb to oblivion.

The guitar strings sear my fingers with blood, and I am transported back to a decade beyond my birth - witnessing a ruthless coup and screaming to notify the singer of his perilous journey. I relived history in the music that was stronger than its recollection. It was an extension of the revolution that defied the politics of power and amassed the nation to liberate the philosophy of thought.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


The metaphor of universal patriotism and defiance of citizenship should be undertaken by the masses. Victory is not for the party and its elected members. It is the harvest of revolutions, whose travels within borders and calligraphy have traced a new philosophy that is in harmony with the inherent feature of humanity - a return to freedom without the rigmarole of human rights.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Diary of a Companera - Beyond the Epilogue

Another short journey to the realm of contradictory landscapes brought me facing the embodiment of loyalty to the revolution. I might have arrived on a date of commemoration - there seemed to be another presence reaching through the eternal realm. I sought to mould my language into their melodious vocabulary and managed to utter a conviction that held more depth than a slogan. It was the definition of a realm that sought the right to defence, and in its language there was no room for traitors.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


A fragment of a century ago the anonymous artist met the invisible narrator in a land that wallowed in colonialism. The invisible narrator hailed from a land that believed in endowing the masses with power, whilst shunning the contemporary model of democracy. The anonymous artist was a defective product of assimilation - shackled on a fictitious island that made an art out of intimidation.

Their meeting defied the mundane rhetoric to create a symphony that reeked of dissonance, according to the institutions that thrived on creating a society built on norms. Throughout the absence created by vengeance, the invisible narrator and the anonymous artist hastened to create an identity that could not be manipulated by need, recognised parody for the miserable exploitation that it embodied, and defied the stillness imposed by justice by eliminating borders to wander within the essence of creation.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Reinforcing Ridicule

Those enamoured of the antics performed by democracy are very willing to participate in simulated exercises of protest. There is never the scent of dissent within demonstrations organised by people in power. Such parodies serve to appease and alienate the participating crowd into mellowing their concerns and venting their frustration into frantic applause and banner waving. The crowd becomes the abused tool which serves to give a mediocre demonstration the lacking fervour.

Paralysed Butterflies

A misrepresented country with diminishing borders sighs and rebels simultaneously. The illegitimacy of usurping land and dignity from a nation is condemned, and the oppressors feign indignation at calculated speeches brimming with diplomatic tactics, reserving their triumphant expression for those who support democracy and the erroneous power of elections. Even protesters may be ensnared in the meticulous task of jotting numbers in perfect calligraphy translating into names ready to enter a coalition of increasing incarceration and displacement of citizenship.