Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Alternative Definition of Democracy

Democracy is a system where contradictions are rampant and socially acceptable. The population is deceived into voting a minority of the population into power, thus forfeiting their right to natural freedom. A simple explanation of how a population is fettered is as follows.

*Propaganda by political parties aimed at convincing an alienated nation into supporting one party or another.
*The elitist hopefuls feed on the nation's problems by promising change.
*The majority of the population is duped by the abominable declaration that voting is a right, so they respond by flocking to the booths. The revolutionaries abstain or invalidate their votes.
*The majority of the population elects a party that is supposed to represent them and pay attention to the objections of the minority. Voters are proud of their role in electing the government.
*After the triumph and a few hours of euphoria, dissatisfaction rears its head again, and the population waits patiently for another election to bring about change.

The concealed reality of democracy is simpler that the process explained above. It is a political game where people are blinded by "human rights" and handing over the power of the masses to a minority of political predators.

"Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few. " George Bernard Shaw

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