Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Alternative Definition of Democracy (2)

Democracy is a staunch supporter of intimidation. It is a system that depends on structures providing semblances of stability. Society is the commodity that manifests how governments manage to smother any expression that contradicts the dictatorial system of an overwhelming majority.

Governments are incapable of ruling a nation that retains its instincts and freedom. Democracy is the perfect tool of conformity, as the essence of revolution is dulled by intimidation. Intimidation of society is initiated by the educational institutions , whose primary task is that of transforming thinking children into puppets of acquiescence.

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  1. Democracy derives from the fusion of 2 Greek words, meaning "people+power". Looking at this etymology, it is clear that it is impossible to be realized clearly. Because, if it would be true, it is the same of Anarchy ("without a leading").
    In a democratic state usually there are some persons, organized in so called parties, sewing a net of dark businesses and bad affairs, just to arrive to the power.
    When a democracy is weak, sooner or later it will change into a dictatorship. Whereas a democracy is well organized, instead, it turns into a power of a few privileged persons: they take advantage of their own situation and in case of bankrupcy you never discover exactly who is the guilty.