Saturday, January 23, 2010

Distances (6)

The exiles retreated to separate lands, once again bound by traditions and laws that encumbered their natural freedom. the philosopher and the companera immersed themselves in the shades of sunset, and there was no distinction between the invisible narrator, nostalgia and the fervour of revolt. The essence of distance was made whole by the necessity of closeness, and the hues smearing their faces bore the scent of fresh blood pouring from the laceration administered by justice.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Current forms of demcoracy and capitalism have ensnared humanity into servitude due to the concept of need. Poverty, class divisions, and a lack of philosophical politics have churned out an environment which produces beggars who are starting to wonder why the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been transformed into mediocre, popular rhetoric. The beggars created by need are slaves of work, victims of censorship, and an available commodity of poverty that prompts puppets in immaculate suits to exercise lessons learnt in diplomacy.

For the revolutionaries, it is diplomacy and its capitalist patrons that are considered the heirs of oblivion. Capitalism is as much indebted to need as the destitute it claims to protect. The need of the capitalist is greater than that of the oppressed, who have the ability to survive through ideals.

Democracy and Educational Institutions (2)

Democracy demands our submission to educational institutions, which strives to mould minds into repression. Educational institutions and their elaborate calligraphy on parchment should not be confused with knowledge, for knowledge cannot be garnered from individuals who patronise a system that fails to justify its persistence in negating its inherent failure.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Democracy and Educational Institutions

Educational institutions uphold democracy as an unfailing system and hasten to implement its politics to manage a mediocre hierarchy that boasts of knowledge and thought.

As the minority of dissidents discover on the fictitious island with a confused identity, the compatibility between democracy and educational institutions stems from their commitment towards betraying and oppressing any form of intelligence.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Alternative Definition of Democracy (2)

Democracy is a staunch supporter of intimidation. It is a system that depends on structures providing semblances of stability. Society is the commodity that manifests how governments manage to smother any expression that contradicts the dictatorial system of an overwhelming majority.

Governments are incapable of ruling a nation that retains its instincts and freedom. Democracy is the perfect tool of conformity, as the essence of revolution is dulled by intimidation. Intimidation of society is initiated by the educational institutions , whose primary task is that of transforming thinking children into puppets of acquiescence.

An Alternative Definition of Democracy

Democracy is a system where contradictions are rampant and socially acceptable. The population is deceived into voting a minority of the population into power, thus forfeiting their right to natural freedom. A simple explanation of how a population is fettered is as follows.

*Propaganda by political parties aimed at convincing an alienated nation into supporting one party or another.
*The elitist hopefuls feed on the nation's problems by promising change.
*The majority of the population is duped by the abominable declaration that voting is a right, so they respond by flocking to the booths. The revolutionaries abstain or invalidate their votes.
*The majority of the population elects a party that is supposed to represent them and pay attention to the objections of the minority. Voters are proud of their role in electing the government.
*After the triumph and a few hours of euphoria, dissatisfaction rears its head again, and the population waits patiently for another election to bring about change.

The concealed reality of democracy is simpler that the process explained above. It is a political game where people are blinded by "human rights" and handing over the power of the masses to a minority of political predators.

"Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few. " George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Administering a Form of Justice (22)

Justice is responsible for churning out twisted rules that bind people into a parody of freedom. The incarceration takes place without judgement, so that the oblivious crowd does not recognise any breach of liberty, and the concerned individuals are shackled to an existence that thrives on pretence.

Administering a Form of Justice (21)

In an absurd judicial system, it is considered just for innocence to conceal itself like a cowardly traitor. The system of fallacious justice allows conniving parties to exploit the parcel of "rights" granted by a malfunctioning court to undeserving fragments of society, whilst imposing an indefinite exile on an innocent narrator in an attempt to guarantee safety.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Resistance is a cultured form of defiance. A few days after the anniversary of the revolution on the island of contradictory landscapes, I am enticed with the notion of resistance, loyalty and culture embedded within the majority of a nation that understands the continuation of revolution.

Continuation means that resistance is not relegated to the past. It is an understanding of history and how excessive greed inspired a nation to rebel against imperialism. Resistance implies adherence to an ideal that does not fade with time or death. It is the ultimate form of loyalty that is not enticed by the pungent sweetness of apologetic treason.