Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Scent of Nostalgia (5)

Quoting a companera, "I also feel nostalgic ... for an era where people had ideals and walked the talk. For people who showed courage and despised cowardice."

Nostalgia reeked of a profound desire to determine change. In its canvas, I traced storms over the seas surrounding the island of contradictory landscapes. The trampled leaves were proud to bear the inscription of the revolution, whispering to me about the cluster of thinkers who revered the endearing definition of companeros.

Pursuing the sepia painting once again, I saw the singer transform into the role of bringing the revolution to the people, the writers defining the revolutionaries as complete beings, and I searched for an expression that would define the emptiness of a contemporary era that ridiculed history and defamed revolution with degrading contempt.

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