Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Politics of Power (2)

The survival of power depends on multitudes of minds that do not thrive on the art of questioning. When politics shelter beneath the canopy of indoctrinating and coercing people into abandoning language and philosophy, the people in power rejoice over the victory of avarice.

Elections are won by fraudulent promises - a country warped into fanatically supporting political parties that have failed the promise of stability. The country's population fails to realise that parliament is not the solution to its problem if need, neither is it a supreme body that provides solutions for exploited workers.

Parliament is a cosy nest where puppets perform according to profit. It is also a place where ideals are degraded, revolutionaries silenced by dictatorial rule and the perfect setting for the political spectrum to be shaken into a mass of murky colours. Having the power of a seat in parliament means that left and right embrace each other with an ease that does not befit such radical opposition.

But parliament is also the place where opposition can mellow itself into a farce, appeasing those gullible enough to vote with reassurances of the party reaching out to its followers and critics. When the left is only too willing to court the right, all that remains of socialism is an ideal that does not fit into progressive politics.

It is shameful that leftist opposition parties can still shelter under the revolutionary concept of socialism, when all they do is seek ways of obtaining the majority at the expense of betrayal.

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