Thursday, October 29, 2009

Epilogues (4)

Years ago, in the masses of land below the island of contradictory landscapes, freedom was murdered in the name of democracy.

Freedom took on the apparition of a rebel singer, whose involvement in dissolving the lies spread by power was portrayed as treason. It was an era when music was dangerous and words hastened to extend their definition to all segments of society. Only the puppets in power feared words. So they ensured their safety by silencing the author.

Once upon a time, the puppets adorned with power captured the revolutionary singer, who scented the air with recollections accompanied by music. The puppets retaliated by puncturing his body with bullets and dumping him into the streets.

Strains of his voice singe the quiet atmosphere and, suddenly, there seems to be no distance between the rebel singer and the companero who lived the cry that roused the masses into active patriotism. It seems they both embraced their destinies, in the same manner the revolutionary singer might have sung about his death ...

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