Saturday, October 10, 2009

Epilogues (2)

When an epilogue reaches the concept of ideals, those who shun history are eager to applaud as threadbare drapes descend to alienate revolution from the politics of mismanaged power.

An era that calls for an epilogue in revolutions is calling for the destruction of philosophy. Power is dependent on an ignorant society - a society happy to believe that voting for the chosen puppets is a fair option. There are no options in a parody of inclusion that already limits choice.

The tangible epilogue of contemporary society is its lack of appreciation of revolt. Society has been indoctrinated into forfeiting its right to think and contradict the rules, because submission enhances the power of a ruling dictatorship that hides behind the fallacy of government and opposition parties.

However, epilogues retain their transcendent quality when they salute the thinkers. Loyalty towards a revolutionary ideology for a common unity does not surrender to inferior political trends. Epilogues that reek of hope embrace the masses that shun conformity to enhance history with the making of a continuous, historical revolution.

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