Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Epilogues (1)

A distant echo of dry leaves scattered on paths blended with my desolation. The voyage had been terminated by a reality that thrived on conformity, and I was expected to conform to the notion that this reality was a necessity. That the reality of epilogues was an absolute end.

My time spent on the island of contradictory landscapes taught me that epilogues are the necessary foundations for the process of continuation. The past held the scent of new beginnings, and names etched in history were slivers of reality depending on memory to survive. Narratives gained an identity in an epilogue that was either absolute in its termination, or else allowed the author and reader to wallow in a lake of possibilities.

I was enamoured of a fictitious reality that was intelligent enough to discern between the concepts of suffering to be free, and the freedom that comes from conviction.


  1. Thanks for Your comment in my blog. I am fascinated about borders, because they represent the most strong mixture of Geography + History. The borders may be the result of a war or may be the reason of a future war. In the present time, they are the line in which a nation ends and another begins.
    I have an example of such changings in my personal history. My grandfather was born in 1912 in the village HEIDENSCHAFT, Julian Alps, at that time Austrian Empire. My mother was born in that same village in 1941, when it was Italian with the name AIDUSSINA. From 1947 that village became Yugoslavian and from 1991 it is Slovenian with the name AJDOVŠČINA. Since 2007 it is possible to go from Austria and from Italy to that village without hurdles, because Slovenia entered the European Union. I hope some day all borders histories may become like this.

  2. Thanks for Your further comment in my guestbook.
    That is very kind of You.
    I also would like, through the images of borders, to wake up public curiosity to a subject like that and, in the meantime, to show without comments the situations here and there. So that everybody may discover inside himself/herself some feeling, new or old.
    Best wishes!