Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Politics of Power

The era that shoves millions of minutes into deep ravines has ridiculed those eager to enter the blurred spectrum of colours. On the island of conformity, dreamers hide and dissidents conceal their knowledge of language and memory. The scavenging, democratic phase of rule obliterated the cry of resentment with the vague promise of social inclusion.

What is common knowledge to dissidents and complacent throngs in society is that elections do not harbour change. Dissidents act upon this knowledge by refusing to be goaded into a majority counting exercise. The complacent throngs appease the unyielding rulers by smothering their complaints and hastening to the polls.

Society empowers politicians by its complacence. If the political puppets thrive on elections to survive, a greater force must be born, enabling the masses to divest politics of its power. If intellect and courage are nurtured, the people will gradually realise that weakness and exploitation are governing their lives. Exploitation allows the masters of indoctrination to live in opulence and safety. opulence breeds greed, and greed breeds power in the hands of the unworthy.

Political power divests society of natural freedom, and forces people to cast themselves into servitude, making them seem unworthy of attention or dignity. Need becomes intrinsic and achieves the acknowledgement as a commodity to be abused by people in power.

The Myths and Realities of Educational Institutions (2)

Within the hazy confines of unrestricted memory, elation triumphs over the apprehension caused by decision making.

Once upon a time, at the institution of mediocrity, a student with the markings of a silent dissident was coerced into accepting the absolute certainty that the exalted elite were immune to chastisement.

(The myth)
The student was supposed to widen her knowledge through extensive reading and participating in discussions. "You have to read and form opinions to obtain a degree, " was the blatant lie that greeted prospective students.

(The reality)
Once the initiation wore off, timetables became printed fixtures, and lectures were the culmination of banal rhetoric. The dissident read books that pointed out the flaws of democracy. In retribution, democracy proclaimed her downfall as the result of a majority forcing the minority to an abominable surrender.