Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Myths and Realities of Educational Institutions

1. The first myth of oppressive educational institutions is that each student is appreciated and entitled to individuality, respect and personal opinion.

2. The second myth is that students are granted the freedom to express ideas without fearing retaliation.

What happens beneath the facade of this hegemony.

Students are manipulated into believing that their worth is valued by the dictators parroting their limited knowledge. When students voice their opinions, they are generally met by a patronising attitude. If a student dares to illustrate an ideology into writing, the testimony of individual thought vanishes mysteriously.

Educational institutions are the censorship of ideas. Students are expected to assimilate, allow their minds to be coerced by a powerful hierarchy and be the bearers and promoters of the ruling puppets that sustain themselves with manipulating minds. Educational institutions do not support revolutionary action - they harbour an innate fear against those opposing their selfish attitude. This exploitation is sanctioned by the malfunctioning form of democracy that prides itself on a mediocre majority.

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