Saturday, August 22, 2009

Administering a Form of Justice (13)

Justice loves to celebrate its ignorance.

The laws upholding its subtle dishonesty provide fodder for minds unburdened with the power of thought. Situations and persons are amalgamated into 'suspicious circumstances', with the intention of stereotyping characters as dangerous or delinquent.

It is simple for the laws endorsed by governments in the name of justice to taint individuals with a lingering mistrust. When laws allow guilt to take precedence over innocence, the sunned narrator is relegated to a position in which his voice is bludgeoned into oblivion.

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  1. How true! Our Judical system has proven many times over that the laws are there to protect the criminals and not the innocent. Rapists, paedophiles, murderers, thieves and more are given their walking papers as punishment so they can re-offend. We as law abiding citizens do not have the right to protect our children, our families, our properties or even ourselves. If a thief walks onto our property with the intentions of stealing and hurts himself he gets the Public Liability payout. If a paedophile attacks a child he gets a slap on the wrist and is told not to do it again and is released back into the community to do it again. If a burglar broke into our home we cant attack him unless we are able to disarm him and use his own weapon against him. Being a woman myself I dont know if I'd have the courage or strength to be able to do this. But I would definately grab the steel bar behind my door and give him or her a damn good swipe with it. But alas - I would be the one charged with assault. I was under the impression that laws were made to protect us!! I don't think so!!
    When Fraudsters are caught they get locked up but when it comes down to our safety and well being we dont have a chance. The system needs a massive major overhaul to give the power back to the innocent. It's time our Leaders and Courts took off their blinkers and did something about punishments fitting the crime.