Saturday, August 15, 2009

Administering a Form of Justice (12)

Trust is an essential element in any betrayal.

1. It is foolish to place your trust in educational institutions that refuse to recognise your intellect and individuality. The result is maimed self-confidence and years wasted either through accommodating the hypocrites who rule, or else rebelling once you realise there is nothing left to lose.

2. It is an abomination to believe that good deeds are rewarded by other good deeds. A step to eliminate this misleading belief would be to murder the idioms that insist on such warped thinking.

3. There is no real justice in those who uphold democracy as a perfect system. Such people do not acknowledge minorities and individual political beliefs.

4. People should never place their trust in the tarnished halls that uphold the definition of justice. When an oath taken is considered to be undisputed truth according to abominable laws, it sends out a macabre warning to all people - there is no sincerity and truth seeking in such a manipulative system.

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