Thursday, July 16, 2009

Identity of a Companera (3)

When the companera looks back on the perilous past, there are no relics that comfort her mind with the conviction she believed had surrounded her. Eight years ago, capitalism and its selective throngs of power compelled her memory to rebel and generate defiance. She was a silhouette in a group of activists.

The companera was united with her former dissident identity after years of constructing safe havens and discerning hues of shadows. A few of the activists had become enamoured of usurping power, and defected to safety, disregarding the ideals of unyielding protests.

In the silence emanating from her return, the companera denounced popular theories. She pledged allegiance to the politics of common good and aspirations; upholding knowledge and denouncing the ambition that placed opposing puppets as guardians of the nation's mind.

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