Friday, July 10, 2009

Diary of a Companera (3)

The monument of revolution emanated silent definitions of dissidence. It insisted on renouncing the submissive identity that education bestowed upon humanity.

On the fictitious island of compromise, education banned thought and opinion. In the highest institutions of perforated knowledge, puppet philosophers intimidated seekers of thought, coercing the to abandon their quest of forming new theories. Under the fallacious notion of nurturing intellect, the puppets forbade the formulation of opinion.

To be a dissident on the island of compromise, one has to enter the institution of mediocrity, allow the principal performers to proclaim your worthlessness and agree to adhere to fabricated regulations that will deem you a failure in spite of your intellect.

The nest step is to allow the pretentious performers to patronise you. Look at their painted faces, or gaze at the speckled tiles and pretend to admit your surrender. When it is your turn to accept their compromise, decline their generosity and defend your intellect. This will earn you a number of degrading adjectives, the least of which will be 'Ungrateful'.

Once you have traipsed through the abomination, resign yourself to achieve only failures during your last months at the institution of mediocrity. This is the ultimate step n setting your signature as a possible future dissident. Take pride in waiting four years without obtaining a compromised certificate.

Having journeyed through these circumstances, you will finally gain acknowledgement and citizenship in the island of contradictory landscapes.

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