Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reality, Rights and Revolution

In malfunctioning democracies, reality and revolution present a contradiction that is stifled instead of accepted as a complementary need.

Any discrepancy between reality and revolution should be eliminated. Reality produces barbarous conditions that soothes its misgivings with regaling rights to the oppressed. Revolution is the means to combat greed and ensure the eradication of accumulated wealth at the expense of common, scorned citizens.

When governments presiding over these ailing democracies seek to indoctrinate our intellect with erroneous information, their ultimate aim is to create nations that sever their freedom to incline towards knowledge. A submissive nation is one that forfeits natural freedom when it hastens to serve the anointed powers that decide what concessions should be bestowed; disguised under a term derived from a decadent, diplomatic dictionary.

'Rights' lull individuals into a false sense of reassurance. The main aim behind this parcelled rigmarole is that of alienation. the seeker of rights becomes so engrossed in the quest, that he fails to realise he is providing fodder for structured laws to prey on people's freedom.

Thus, reality and revolution are two contrasting themes yearning to be united. primarily, revolution is an inspiration that entices individuals to seek knowledge. Once that knowledge is immersed in our minds, we should start questioning the negotiation of natural freedom as the first step to changing a fragment of our reality.

Our reality creates the need for dissidence. Dissidence should be embraced to defend and save our dignity, intellect and humanity.

"Constantly denouncing the government, with contempt for the risks and dangers, is like a whip in the hands of a lion tamer." FIDEL CASTRO

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