Saturday, June 13, 2009


There are more realities than those our minds are enslaved to fathom. A reality consists of experience and observation - a circumstance thwarted and produced by separate instances experienced by individuals, societies, people and nations that does not necessarily constitute a collective experience. The multitude of observation and participation make reality a global phenomenon.

The dreamer who is forced to negate his character acts through inspiration mired in delusion. The dreamer is loyal to ideals and rebels against outcomes, especially if those outcomes are enslaved by need. The dreamer participates in various realities due to his responsibility to contribute towards change.

When the revolutionary is born, he provides dreamers with the ability to reconcile realities and dreams through the fervour of imagining and implementing change.


  1. Why aren't revolutionaries ever born here? We seem to thrive on electing those whose only mission is feeding their ego, and growing in the knowldge that there are people who are willing to follow them in the hope of getting something in return.

  2. Hey just came across ur blog through the facebook blogging group, good stuff =)