Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Realities (2)

Reality constrains truths more than the volatile world of dreams. There is one illusion in reality which overshadows the motives behind certain gestures of generosity. One that is exposed by posing for photographs.

Reality shrouds the world in acquiescence and lulls the masses into a reverie of hopeless reflections. Whenever a group of individuals shake off the slumber, there is always someone from the throngs of power ready to subdue a new voice and justify poverty, famines, illiteracy, wars with a tinge of false lament.

There is nothing more enchanting and self satisfying for people on gilded thrones than looking on suffering as a means to extend a helping hand brimming with snide altruism.

Even this type of generosity is overshadowed by the vestige of 'honour'; a forced reminder of slavery bowing to the striding monuments priding themselves on ceremonies of ribbon shredding and memorial disrobing.

It is indeed folly to believe that tailored suits, flashing lights, glossy photographs and diplomatic speeches matter much to those who experience the harshest forms of reality.

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