Saturday, June 6, 2009


Maybe there is a land adorning a distant sea, where minds unite in a phenomenon that discards the concept of power as a democratic exercise that shackles our minds with obligations.

A land where the struggle against power is a kaleidoscope of unity.

A land which relegates opportunism and diplomacy to a diminished scale.

We would retain in memory the honest insurrection of those who shun opulence, favouring toil instead of gilded halls and preferential treatment.

If the waves lapping gently at the shores of history invite my mind to this serenity, I would hasten to cram the relics of genuine inspiration to combat the swamp of popular ideologies that would deteriorate without the gullible sentiment fettered to boost their stature.

When twilight seeps through, the island is bathed in shadows and light, retaining its fictional identity until the moment when nations are ready to challenge the notions of borders and politics, freeing themselves from the ridiculous pantomime they are bound to serve.

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