Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A distance that feeds on seconds is more powerful than a planned departure.

There is a distance that separates, and a distance that exiles.

The exile is cloistered in freedom, and relegates experience to a glorious wound gaping in photographs. Exile is a distinguished distance that exudes enchantment for the spectator, culminating in an uproar of wonder or revulsion.

The distance that separates causes a person to wallow in thoughts, and mires the mind in unfulfilled obligations. This type of distance emits a deafening silence which the world does not heed. In the aftermath of apathy, the person bound by a separating distance shatters the bonds that chain him to an existence ruled by the fallacy of justice, and tries to mingle his distance with that of the exile.

The outcome is one where the distanced, separate exile is in a position to ridicule obligations. Unlike the exiled individual, who has the autonomy to create a fervour in his favour, the former is a hermit who will have to contend with the false verdict of justice to reconcile the self with the mind.

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