Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Diary of a Companera (1)

Littering the pavements are relics of paper faces that visited a garden of tulips to immerse themselves in imaginary fragrance. The smiles stretching the faces dim with twilight, reluctant to identify with language or relation.

There is a degree of comfort in isolation. The companera tastes the scent of exile, and banishes herself to the island of contradictory landscapes.

Reality, Rights and Revolution

In malfunctioning democracies, reality and revolution present a contradiction that is stifled instead of accepted as a complementary need.

Any discrepancy between reality and revolution should be eliminated. Reality produces barbarous conditions that soothes its misgivings with regaling rights to the oppressed. Revolution is the means to combat greed and ensure the eradication of accumulated wealth at the expense of common, scorned citizens.

When governments presiding over these ailing democracies seek to indoctrinate our intellect with erroneous information, their ultimate aim is to create nations that sever their freedom to incline towards knowledge. A submissive nation is one that forfeits natural freedom when it hastens to serve the anointed powers that decide what concessions should be bestowed; disguised under a term derived from a decadent, diplomatic dictionary.

'Rights' lull individuals into a false sense of reassurance. The main aim behind this parcelled rigmarole is that of alienation. the seeker of rights becomes so engrossed in the quest, that he fails to realise he is providing fodder for structured laws to prey on people's freedom.

Thus, reality and revolution are two contrasting themes yearning to be united. primarily, revolution is an inspiration that entices individuals to seek knowledge. Once that knowledge is immersed in our minds, we should start questioning the negotiation of natural freedom as the first step to changing a fragment of our reality.

Our reality creates the need for dissidence. Dissidence should be embraced to defend and save our dignity, intellect and humanity.

"Constantly denouncing the government, with contempt for the risks and dangers, is like a whip in the hands of a lion tamer." FIDEL CASTRO

Administering a Form of Justice (6)

The fabrication of justice is prone to conceiving discrimination more than any other existent terminology.

This perfidious term basks in the shimmering tears of those wronged by the spectres of righteousness and slander. Unlike the reckless scent of revolution, the misshapen form of justice is soothed only by misquoting a defence to produce calculated motives.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Administering a Form of Justice (5)

There are halls brimming with contradictions and malevolence that thrive on forging names into differentiated signatures.

In these pristine buildings, there are persons entrusted with the occupation of eliminating the relationship between name and identity.

Tattered documents are considered a forbidden, perilous treasure.

The illusion of justice strengthens as it becomes a parody of truth.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Administering a Form of Justice (4)

The varied forms of justice practiced by malfunctioning institutions are a perfect weapon for crippling lives.

Sometimes, people find themselves facing an apparition that threatens them with equity in the face of injustice. They are unable to utter that, in certain circumstances, the notion of equality is a condescending manner with which power glorifies its macabre reign.

But there is one form of warped justice still cloistered in glass cases, reverberating with each second pounding in the laceration of a historical encounter with the incarnation of discriminative democracy.

The deformed, malfunctioning premise was able to destroy and abuse terminology in a manner that left no trace of individual esteem. It enhanced and glorified the injustice of democracy which, after all, allowed the predator to violate natural freedom and gloat in the spectacle of a solitary splinter unable to defend its reason.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Scent of Nostalgia (4)

When betrayal seeps through wounded ideologies, it creates the illusion of tattered pages brimming with defiant words.

In this instance, there is no other path for the revolutionary, but to exile his existence outside the vicious cacophony of cowardice. The revolutionary will not incline towards the institutions that practice routine discrimination and betrayal. Neither will he accept a compromise in which revolutionary identity is polluted and relegated to a battered icon that is patronized by authorities.

The revolutionary does not coerce. He inspires until the fervour culminates into ideas that transcend the hypocrisy of imposed power, enticing the oppressor to experience a humiliating defeat. Oppressors will mourn their own descent in solitude, decaying amongst their own chartered laws of pungent opulence.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Realities (2)

Reality constrains truths more than the volatile world of dreams. There is one illusion in reality which overshadows the motives behind certain gestures of generosity. One that is exposed by posing for photographs.

Reality shrouds the world in acquiescence and lulls the masses into a reverie of hopeless reflections. Whenever a group of individuals shake off the slumber, there is always someone from the throngs of power ready to subdue a new voice and justify poverty, famines, illiteracy, wars with a tinge of false lament.

There is nothing more enchanting and self satisfying for people on gilded thrones than looking on suffering as a means to extend a helping hand brimming with snide altruism.

Even this type of generosity is overshadowed by the vestige of 'honour'; a forced reminder of slavery bowing to the striding monuments priding themselves on ceremonies of ribbon shredding and memorial disrobing.

It is indeed folly to believe that tailored suits, flashing lights, glossy photographs and diplomatic speeches matter much to those who experience the harshest forms of reality.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


There are more realities than those our minds are enslaved to fathom. A reality consists of experience and observation - a circumstance thwarted and produced by separate instances experienced by individuals, societies, people and nations that does not necessarily constitute a collective experience. The multitude of observation and participation make reality a global phenomenon.

The dreamer who is forced to negate his character acts through inspiration mired in delusion. The dreamer is loyal to ideals and rebels against outcomes, especially if those outcomes are enslaved by need. The dreamer participates in various realities due to his responsibility to contribute towards change.

When the revolutionary is born, he provides dreamers with the ability to reconcile realities and dreams through the fervour of imagining and implementing change.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A distance that feeds on seconds is more powerful than a planned departure.

There is a distance that separates, and a distance that exiles.

The exile is cloistered in freedom, and relegates experience to a glorious wound gaping in photographs. Exile is a distinguished distance that exudes enchantment for the spectator, culminating in an uproar of wonder or revulsion.

The distance that separates causes a person to wallow in thoughts, and mires the mind in unfulfilled obligations. This type of distance emits a deafening silence which the world does not heed. In the aftermath of apathy, the person bound by a separating distance shatters the bonds that chain him to an existence ruled by the fallacy of justice, and tries to mingle his distance with that of the exile.

The outcome is one where the distanced, separate exile is in a position to ridicule obligations. Unlike the exiled individual, who has the autonomy to create a fervour in his favour, the former is a hermit who will have to contend with the false verdict of justice to reconcile the self with the mind.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Maybe there is a land adorning a distant sea, where minds unite in a phenomenon that discards the concept of power as a democratic exercise that shackles our minds with obligations.

A land where the struggle against power is a kaleidoscope of unity.

A land which relegates opportunism and diplomacy to a diminished scale.

We would retain in memory the honest insurrection of those who shun opulence, favouring toil instead of gilded halls and preferential treatment.

If the waves lapping gently at the shores of history invite my mind to this serenity, I would hasten to cram the relics of genuine inspiration to combat the swamp of popular ideologies that would deteriorate without the gullible sentiment fettered to boost their stature.

When twilight seeps through, the island is bathed in shadows and light, retaining its fictional identity until the moment when nations are ready to challenge the notions of borders and politics, freeing themselves from the ridiculous pantomime they are bound to serve.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Scent of Nostalgia (3)

Travels, especially those conducted in spirit, tend to fuse with ink to create a new calligraphy.

It is not the pristine sand clinging to my toes, or the scent of dry grass that cherishes my footsteps on the paths beckoning to me. The voyages that remain to be taken are emblazoned in future memory, sometimes chiding a reluctant vision to emerge out of the dreary monotony to sparkle with the fervour of an insurrection that springs forth from dejection.

There are voyages that vanquish judgement, and others that reap them in an uncommon framework to dazzle with the certainty of a revolution that fuses ideology in spirit.