Monday, May 25, 2009

The world that logic shades consists of the following

  • People greeting relatives separated by barbed wire fences
  • People scooping soil into their hands as a keepsake before resuming their exiled lives.
  • Some people who enjoy indoctrinating and coercing others to adhere to a certain belief.
  • Daily intimidation of people.
  • Racism, discrimination and oppression
  • Exploitation of poor countries in the name of progress
  • Landmines and butchered people
  • Propaganda serving to infuriate or placate voters under the pretence of serving patriotism.

Some people dare to dream, and the logical powers deem it an extravagant form of extremism. Dreamers are replaced with puppets who follow the rules obediently, until even scrupulous obedience dissolves into arrogance, creating disorientation to mire the spectators into a restriction of democratic duties and a parcel of regulated rights.

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