Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Rigmarole Called Rights (2)

I forgot to mention gratitude.

A wronged person may hasten to exercise the right to protest against transgression, falsely believing this restriction to be a free choice.

The various outcomes are:

1. Gratitude towards the society that allows us this form of retaliation that is sanctioned by the dominant perpetrator.

2. Indignation at being patronized by the perpetrator who has all possible means to trample on freedom, and also the privilege to appear unjustly accused of all oppression.

3. Helpless when faced with the realisation that not even gratitude towards the means to defend one's self can destroy corrupt power.

Which goes to say that not even rebelling against this conformity may bring any relief. Rebelling against the injustice of using rights as ordained by a power that absolves itself unjustly confirms you devoid of sanity.

How bleak to equate revolutions with vengeance, when the latter is found in lethargic applications of an ideology called democracy ...

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